Sunday, June 5, 2016

BRE rear spoiler

Even though I'll be installing a new rust free hatch once body work has started, I wanted to go ahead and get this spoiler mounted on this hatch until then. This is a fiberglass BRE style spoiler from MSA. The fit isn't perfect by any means. There are some gaps that will need filled between the spoiler and hatch. Installation was pretty easy. Mark where the bolts should go through, drill holes, then remove the two rubber plugs under the hatch to access the bolts with a socket. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New EFI Harness First Start

First start with the new EFI harness. Had a bad short deep within the old one that was causing the car to fall on it's face under boost. I finally got it swapped out, so now I just need to get all the wiring cleaned up and then it's on to the next list of things to do. So stoked to finally have this issue resolved.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

She's back home!

New wheels and suspension. So much more to do, and it's a little overwhelming, but I'm so happy she's sitting in my driveway again. More progress to come!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Big plans finally happening

Yesterday was a good day. Bought the last couple of big items on my list for the 280z. Nice seats from another 78, and bumpers from a 71 240z. Everything else has been accumulated over the past couple months. A full carpet and insulation kit, full seal and weatherstripping kit, quarter panels, EFI harness, BRE rear spoiler, 240z bumper conversion brackets, SCCA tow hooks, MSA turbo downpipe, MSA strut bars, window regulators and cranks, visors, side marker lights, leather shift knob, etc etc

Today I started replacing the connectors on another EFI harness since the one in my car has some major shorts deep within it. I replaced the connectors for the injectors, knock sensor, and TPS. Still need to replace the AFM connector. This is the second harness I've refreshed like this. I've found that Volvos and Saabs have the best connectors, and are easily found at your local Pick N Pull. They're also the quick release kind, so no more losing those pesky old clips.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello again

It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since I've posted any progress on the Z, but between opening my own business and moving a few times I just haven't had the time to do much of anything with the car. I've reached a point where a good chunk of what needs done is stuff that I am going to have to pay others to do for me.

Currently the car is with a friend who's doing the suspension. I've decided to ditch the wheels and flares, and go with some 15x8 0-offset Rota's that will fit nicely in the stock wheel wells. So we've dropped the car an inch all around, and switched the rear strut mount insulators with shorter ones to level the car out.
Once I get the car back the next thing I'll have to take care of is new weatherstripping and rubber, as well as installing a rust and hole free rear hatch.  I don't have garage access at our new house, so I'll need to address all of the leaking areas so that I can keep her in the driveway without worrying about puddles in my floorboard and hatch when it rains or snows.  I'll also be getting the body work started. As far as the body goes, I would love to just get it on a rotisserie and do a full on restoration, but there's just no way I can afford that. So I just want to get it looking as nice as I can on a realistic budget, and I'm in no rush to actually paint it. It can be primered for a while. I have a lot of other things that are more important than paint.

To do list:

*Rear hatch replaced (I have a primered spare), and mount a BRE spoiler.
*Fill holes from old trim, fill antenna, and bumper holes in the rear valance. I want to smooth out the rear valance to accommodate fiberglass 240z bumpers.
*Address all of the rust areas, and a small dent in the driver's side quarter panel (which is currently and conveniently covered by a fender flare).
*Black out all of the trim.
*Install working front marker lights

*New insulation and carpet.
*Adjust doors so that they close without having to slam them
*Replace window mechanisms due to stripped window crank posts
*Replace worn out visors
*Heater control valve

*Emergency brake
*Replace worn out shifter bushings with brass ones
*Fix the common Z car problem of a clunky rear end
*Replace a stripped bolt in the rear differential
*Replace non working fuel tank sender
*Install new headlight relay
*Custom better flowing down pipe
*Last but not least, install new EFI harness and megasquirt, relocate cold air intake, and dyno tune.

I found a guy with Mackay Power Products who offers Megasquirt with a base tune and custom wiring harness for the L28et, so I'll be going that route with my engine management.  Megasquirt is something I've been wanting to go with for several years, and I'm excited to finally find someone who offers a package like this!

Well that's it for now!  I'll post more updates as they happen!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

71 240z sighting

Last week a friend came by with a friend of hers who had recently bought a 2012 370z. After admiring each other's cars we took turns driving them around the neighborhood. It was his first time driving a 280z and my first time driving a 370z. Needless to say we were both nervous and took it pretty easy. I think he was only the second person I had let drive my car, and I was the first he'd let drive his. As we were taking mine for a spin we came across this 71 240z for sale. It was in really good shape, and the owner was asking around $3,000.